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If tearing around a race track or along a rally road is your idea of heaven, but tuning your car for optimum performance is hell, Corse can help.


We provide engineering and logistical support to keep your car in tip-top condition at test and track days, race meetings and rallies.


Our expert crew of engineers and mechanics has 'been there and done that' with openwheelers, sports cars and touring cars, as well as tarmac and gravel rally cars.


We know the tricks of the trade that can make your car more competitive.


Don't worry if you're a beginner. Corse can arrange professional coaching by a top driver to help you to reduce your lap or rally stage times.

You simply turn up, put on your race suit and helmet - and drive!


If you're travelling from interstate or overseas, we can transport your vehicle to and from the racetrack or rally headquarters, and book your flights, transfers, accommodation, rental cars, circuit hire, etc.


Corse also has a comprehensive motorsport preparation and upgrade service if you love driving fast but hate tinkering under the bonnet.


Our Ardell Park workshop is 10-minutes' drive from Sydney Motorsport Park, and Wakefield Park is only a couple of hours away.


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