JULY 24, 2017


There's always lots going on at Corse! Here's a snapshot of our workshop on a typical day.


Alfa Romeo Series 105 GT Veloce 2000 - mechanical detailing



Porsche 928 - mechanical detailing



Porsche 930 Turbo restoration



 Porsche 930 Turbo restoration - engine rebuild



Porsche 991 GT3 Cup - race preparation




Porsche 964 backdate conversion (water-cooled engine) - assembling the radiator



Porsche 964 backdate conversion (water-cooled engine) - fabricating the radiator support




Lancia Flaminia Zagato restoration - transaxle before rebuild . . .



. . . and after rebuild




Porsche 1973 911 backdate conversion (3.8-litre 993 engine) - stripdown



Rare South African Alfa Romeo GTV6 - mechanical detailing



Left: Porsche 911 ST backdate conversion (993 3.6-litre vario ram); Right: Porsche 997 3.8-litre engine rebuild



From mechanical detailing to full restorations and major modifcations, your car will receive the best care and attention from the experienced team at Corse!


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